Quick Weight Loss Exercise Ideas

When participating in circuit training one important element in the workouts is intensity. Intensity is important in any exercise regimen for weight loss. It is necessary to burn fat, burn calories, tone muscle, and in the end achieve the ideal body weight. Along with burning more calories, you can get a bigger cardiovascular workout as well.

Increasing intensity in exercise is important if you are looking to burn fat. Many think that if you are working out at a higher intensity that is cardiovascular beneficial, you are burning less fat than if your intensity is low. Training at a low intensity for a longer period of time will burn more fat as a source fuel. Increasing intensity allows you to burn high calorie carbohydrates as fuel. Burning 3,500 calories is burning one pound of fat.



You can increase intensity by strength training, or circuit training in combination with interval training on cardio equipment. In full body training, more muscles are used in movement, and more calories are used. Increasing intensity causes the exercises to be more challenging. Your heart rate speeds up.

Benefits of a circuit training and interval training exercise program:

  • By combining circuit training and interval training, you are less likely to become bored as opposed to the traditional cardio training or weight lifting training.
  • You burn more calories and fat even after the exercise session is completed. The body will then need extra calories to repair muscle, replace energy, and reduce heart rate once you are done. Participants will still be burning calories hours after they’re done with the workout, quick weight loss is a byproduct.
  • You burn more calories in interval training. Thirty minutes on an elliptical trainer alone will burn around 292 calories. Thirty minutes of interval workout burns twice as much.  This can result in some quick weight loss.

A workout that combines circuit and interval training includes: 

treadmill, elliptical machine, stationary bike    5 – 10 minutes

Circuit (1 minute for each exercise, with 15 seconds rest between each exercise)          9 – 10 minutes   
Dumbbell Squats
Dumbbell shoulder press
Dumbbell Curls
Dumbbell  Rows

Tricep kickbacks

Interval Training (cardio equipment)
20 seconds at 100% effort
40 seconds at 70% effort
Repeat 5 times for a total of 5 minutes

Repeat Circuit and Interval 3 times

Total Workout Time:     50 – 60 minutes