Safely Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!

Search throughout the various weight loss articles over the internet and majority of them will tell you that it is unwise and unhealthy to lose more than 2 pounds a week. Despite this known fact, a lot of products come out promising fast weight loss all by taking a pill. We have all heard and read stories about how extremely dangerous these diet pills are and how they cause permanent damage to vital organs such as our hearts, livers and kidneys. With all the dangers and the side-effects these products cause, is fast weight loss really worth all that?

However, do not give up your hopes on fast weight loss just yet. There is a healthy way to achieve fast weight loss and also improve your health. Fast weight loss can be achieved by using an internal cleanser to get rid of the build-up of toxins in our body and engaging oneself in sensible diet and a high-protein diet drink.

We ingest a number of toxins that are proven to be harmful to our bodies through constant exposure to bad air, chemically enhanced public water, pesticide coated foods, etc. These toxins are placed in fat cells as our body’s way to protect itself from serious damage the toxins might cause our system. The fat cells are then surrounded by water to ensure the toxins stay inside. With the use of an internal cleanser, the unwanted toxins will be flushed away. The fat cells surrounding them will then be burned up as a source of energy as the excess water gets absorbed and flushed in the same process.  This can result in fast weight loss. Some have claimed to losing 8 pounds for the first 5 days.

The other factor that is said to achieve fast weight loss is to make sure your body gets enough protein through a high-protein diet.  The easiest way to a high-protein diet is by using a protein supplement which you mix into a drink or other preferred food preparations.  A gram of protein per pound of body weight would be a suggested amount to attain the much desired fast weight loss.

How does a high protein diet contribute to fast weight loss?
Research has revealed that a high-protein diet can help weight-watchers control their appetites and calorie intake. Engaging in a high-protein diet has been reported to increase satisfaction, lessen hunger and consequently led to fast weight loss. Current studies state that the protein diet has a higher ability to satisfy hunger compared to fats and carbohydrates.

As you engage in this protein diet, it is important to limit your carbohydrate and fat intake as well. By reduced consumption of fat, it will help you burn the unwanted fat stored in your body.  While in a protein diet, eliminating intake of refined sugars is also advised since this hinders or slows down wanted weight loss.

For your normal meals, try and limit your calorie intake to approximately 600 calories.  If you have two protein drinks during the day, one for breakfast and one for dinner, and a 600 calorie lunch with a few little snackes apples, orange, pear, plum, maybe even some unsalted almonds then you’ll be on a 1,200-1,400 calorie diet. 

Do some strength training three times a week and toss in a little walking/jogging and you are only a month away from dropping as much as 30 pounds, safely, now that’s fast weight loss.