Burn More Calories for Quick Fat Loss

Working out is a tough challenge, and can be boring, repeating the same exercise every single day to achieve quick fat loss.   Most aerobic exercises consume most of the time in the our workouts.  This leaves us less time for other body shaping exercises like lunges, squats, abdominal, arm and leg exercises.  Personal trainers have devised a way to combine aerobic and other body shaping exercises in forty five minutes to an hour of intense workout for quick fat loss as well as targeting specific muscle groups.  Circuit training started in the 1970’s in search for better workouts in less time. 

Circuit training is designed to develop strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination in one workout session for quick fat loss.  Usually consist of six to twelve exercises depending on the level of fitness of the individual.  Athlete’s use this type of training to correct muscle imbalance when training one particular muscle group every day.  It is done in fast pace, warm up and light aerobic exercise with or without any exercise machine, followed by six to twelve various exercises that target specific muscle groups. All of which is done in one minute time each. an interval of aerobic exercise for at least five minutes and repeat of the six to twelve exercises for a minute each. Last step is the cool down that consists of stretching exercises.   Depending on the level of fitness, most people start at six exercises and repeate it twice.  As you progress, in circuit training, exercise routines increase and in more repetitions to achieve quick fat loss.

Interval training or circuit training is enjoyable since it is a fast pace workout; exercises may vary and are interchangeable from time to time.  It results in quick fat loss because you burn more calories as you do the workout and also in post-workout.  The energy level during the workout remains constant even after the intense exercise, a bonus is our metabolic rate remains high for hours after working out.  The body burns more calories for muscle renewal and repair, stock up on energy and; restore body temperature and heart rate to normal.  Research shows that circuit training is an effective quick fat loss workout more so than conventional workouts.  It uses up more calories than those straight aerobic exercises.

Intensity is the key to this quick fat loss workout.  From the scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, you must perform the workout from levels five to nine.  These levels are described with increased heart rate, raised body temperature, short but steady breathing and could talk but only for a short period of time.  You must also be aware of proper posture and position to prevent injuries.  This quick fat loss workout should be done with the guidance of a personal trainer for an effective workout.  It also tones the muscles.

Circuit training is now incorporated with other workouts such as weight training, mix martial arts and sports training.  The benefits of circuit training aside from quick fat loss are improved strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.  Use this quick fat loss workout to tone and achieve the ideal body you’ve always wanted.