Lose weight quickly with an Idiot Proof Diet

Thousands of people have found the secret to rapid weight loss, and it’s so simple, even an idiot can use it to lose weight. It’s called Fat loss 4 idiots. It is easy and inexpensive. There are no exercises to do, no pills to take, no meal replacements to buy. All you need is food and water, and plenty of each. The diet is based on a weight loss method called calorie shifting.

The science behind the shifting calorie weight loss method involves eating in such a way that your metabolism will steadily increase and burn fat and calories. On other weight loss diets, and with everyday eating habits, the metabolism recognizes and anticipates those habits. It will adjust itself and slow down. That is why cutting back on calories, carbohydrates and fat may work at first, but after awhile the weight loss slows to a crawl and then a halt. Cutting back on or eliminating any of these deprives your body of nutrients that are needed to stay healthy.

A healthy, effective diet is one that won’t deprive you at all. It is a diet that produces results by causing the metabolism level to rise and burn fat more rapidly. With fatloss 4 idiots, using the shifting calorie method, your metabolism is never given the chance to adjust and slow down. The metabolism increases and fat burning begins the second day.

Here’s how Fatloss 4 idiots work:

  • Eat 4-6 full meals a day. Don’t worry, by following the plan, you will lose pounds.
  • Drink lots of water, 8-10 glasses a day
  • Instead of following the same routine, eat your meals at different times each day. For instance, if you eat lunch at 11 today, eat it at 12 tomorrow.
  • Your daily meals should vary in portion size. If you’re a big breakfast eater, have a full but lighter lunch. Have a big early evening dinner and then a light supper an hour or two before you go to bed.
  • Try this for two weeks

Sounds simple to follow, doesn’t it? People who’ve tried the fatloss 4 idiots diet lost an average of 9 pounds in 11 days. You can see results almost immediately. Even while you sleep, your metabolism increases and burns calories and fat.

This diet is designed for people who want to shed pounds fast. Following this idiot proof diet will help you shed those pounds and keep them off.  Remember, you get the best results by following the plan faithfully.  If you really want to see rapid weight loss in addition to this program you should exercise regularly.  Here is an article on Exercises for the fastest way to lose weight.  Try a quality weight loss program with regular exercise and you will be surprised at how you can experience rapid weight loss.