How to Jump Start Your Metabolism

The secret to losing weight really isn’t that big of a secret. You need to accelerate your metabolism to burn the most fat 24/7.  Metabolism varies from person to person which is why some people can eat cake and ice cream and others gain weight if they are in the same room with cake and ice cream.  To increase your metabolism and turn you body into a fat burning inferno you are going to need to put on some lean muscle mass. Fat pretty much just stores calories and muscle causes your body to burn calories. So the more muscle you have on your body the more calories you will burn.

Having muscle on your body is like having your own fat burning furnace. For every 1lb of muscle mass you have you will burn about 50 calories a day. That’s great news.  Now for you women readers, don’t think that by putting on muscle mass that you are going to bulk up like pro football linebacker because that simply isn’t going to happen. When women develop muscle you see it as toned and sexy not bulky like men. This in because men generate 10 times more testosterone as women. So unless you planning on using some anabolic steroid or growth hormone of some sort, don’t worry about bulking up, it is just an excuse to not work hard.

You don’t need to join an expensive weight loss program like JennyCraig or NutriSystem, there are plenty of very reasonably priced ones available online. In fact Fat Loss For Idiots is very good, won’t set you back much money and you can sign up and start immediately. Diet and exercise are the two main pieces to the weight loss puzzle but you do also need adequate sleep and of course try to keep stress to a minimum (Yeah, I know easier said than done).

Here is a good beginning set of weight loss exercises.