Walk Your Dog to Help You Lose Fat Fast

To fit weight loss into your lifestyle is tricky, your family, work, and other aspects of your life would have to be considered. Making changes gradually is more reasonable and realistic rather than making a one hundred eighty degrees turn to lose fat fast. Conscious effort to eat healthy foods can already be stressful, why bother going to the gym? The answer is just start walking.

Walking is the simplest form of exercise to lose fat fast. It’s cheap, no membership fees to pay, no special clothing or gadgets to buy, just invest on good comfortable walking shoes. You can do it just about anywhere, at the mall, city streets, the park or any wide open space. Walking for thirty minutes to an hour will burn one hundred fifty to three hundred calories; together with cutting down on your calorie intake from food, will help you lose fat fast.

To keep you motivated in walking to lose fat fast, you will need a partner or a reason for walking. The best partner for walking, running or even hiking is a dog. Dogs need to walk twice a day, to do their business and for exercise. Just like their masters they need to exercise or they’ll become overweight, again just like their masters. Walking your dog is a good exercise to lose fat fast. Dogs tend to walk in fast pace, so to catch up with them you need to walk briskly, or if they chase other dogs or animals you have to run after them. Walking and running are exercises that will make you lose fat fast. Best of all dogs don’t argue or talk back at you, so it is also ideal way of relieving stress. You’ll burn more calories since you have to walk your dog twice in a day.

Since walking your dog is your exercise of choice, you must plan your diet its fits your exercise plan. The diet must be healthy and balanced, avoiding simple sugar, starchy and fatty food. Eating smaller frequent meals is better, this will boost your metabolism as well as keep you satisfied so you won’t be tempted to binge and have cravings for salty, fatty foods.  The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is one of the most popular diets on the internet and immediately available for download. 

If you’re not a dog owner yet, you can choose from a variety of breeds that require medium level to high level of exercise. These breeds need exercise daily and are accustomed to longer walks or runs, so they are perfect partners to lose fat fast. Whatever breed of dog you decide to adopt, be committed to your cause to lose fat fast and taking care of your exercise companion. Dogs can give the support and company you need to reach your weight loss goals. They’ll give you the extra push to lose fat fast especially when you feel lazy or discouraged with your efforts.  Do not get a dog just to have an exercise partner, get a dog because you want a dog!!

Becoming healthy is not complicated, just taking the dog for a walk can make a big difference. What’s important is to be positive and patient with the results.