If you’re like I used to be then you probably looked in the mirror one day and said “what the #&%* happened to me”? Getting fat can happen pretty easy when we are busy dealing with day to day life and working to raise a family. Well rapid weight loss is NOT going to come easy. It will take a lot of work. There are some basics rules you need to know to accomplish quick weight loss.

  • You will need to burn more calories than you consume
  • You will need to consume the right kinds of calories
  • You will need to do strength training
  • You will need to stay motivated
  • You will need to follow a fairly strick diet and exercise regimen

So those are the basic principles you need to know on how to lose weight fast.  Now you probably already knew those things or at least most of them.

Our Metabolism has the most influence over our weight. Some people have been natuarly blessed with a good metabolism. Then there are the rest of us. We need to find ways to accelerate our metabolism so we can lose weight fast and keep it off. There are so many diet gurus out there pitching their products as the silver bullet to your weight loss.

Here is some information that you need to realize if you are considering joining one of the BIG weight loss programs such as NutriSystem or JennyCraig. These companies are food companies, they make there money selling you food. The actual diet plan is a very small percentage of their profits. Their food is also quite pricey. I am not saying these are bad plans, just expensive.

Next I am going to give you some tips to follow to jump start your metabolism.

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